Leadership Team

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Richard R. Ratkowski, CFA

Director, Investment Strategies

Committees: Management Committee

Rick is a director in NISA’s Investment Strategies Group and a member of NISA’s Management Committee. He is responsible for developing custom strategies designed to meet client objectives and developing and implementing proprietary financial modeling and engineering tools used throughout NISA. Rick is also responsible for the day-to-day oversight of NISA’s Strategic Portfolio Management team which is charged with maintaining hedge strategies, including completion portfolios. In addition, he assists in the areas of product development and growth initiatives at NISA.

Rick was recruited through NISA’s internship program and joined NISA’s Investment Strategies Group in 2005. He holds a BS in Computer Science and Economics and an MS in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.

Recent Perspectives

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Making right desicion

Trend is Generally Your Friend

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January 2024


Strengthen Your Core

A strong core is foundational to overall health and stability, and your investment portfolio is no exception. Cutting out or down on ”excess” (e.g., beta disguised as alpha), while also...

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