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July 18, 2023

Pension Risk Transfer (PRT)

Quick Links to Dataset Charts Economic Loss to Beneficiaries (ELB)SMObserved Market Spread ELBAverage Issuer Spread ELBProvider’s Average Issuer Spread Term StructureCredit Quality Spread Term Structure2022 Daily Trading Volume for FABN Securities PRT Credit Risk Monitor​ NISA’s Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) Credit Risk Monitor is a market-based measure of the relative credit risk of common PRT annuity providers (“insurers”) designed to…

July 17, 2023

Refocusing on the Inflation Fight

Subscribe to NISA Perspectives, Primers, News and Quarterly Economic Webinar Updates.Review the discussion (~45 min) between David Eichhorn and Stephen Douglass on the ongoing challenge to ward off inflation as well as the U.S. debt limit and banking turmoil in Q2 2023. The following events are highlighted: The resolution of the debt limit and the easing of banking stress have…

July 7, 2023

Pension Surplus Risk Index (PSRX®)

Table of Contents Introduction PRSX Overview Methodology Supplemental Data Pension Surplus Risk Index (PSRX) NISA’s Pension Surplus Risk Index, or PSRX,1 is a forward-looking estimate of the funded status volatility of U.S. corporate defined benefit pension plans. The index level represents a one standard deviation change in funded status over a one year horizon, based on the average of the 100 largest…

July 3, 2023

Economic and Market Overview — August 2023

Table of Contents Markets Economic Data Inflation Monetary Policy Economic and Market Overview August 2023 Concerns over U.S. fiscal and monetary policy combined with signs of economic weakness abroad to spark selloffs in both equity and fixed income markets. Subscribe to NISA’s Monthly Economic and Market Overview. Markets The S&P 500 returned -1.6%, its first monthly decline since February, and…