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NISA Named 2022 Greenwich Quality Leader in U.S. Institutional Investment Management Service

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NISA was recently recognized as a Greenwich Quality Leader for U.S. Institutional Investment Management Service for the ninth year in a row. The award recognizes asset managers that distinguish themselves from competitors by “delivering superior levels of client service that help institutional investors achieve their investment goals and objectives.”

NISA Managing Director, Client Services, Cheryl Hanson comments, “This award is particularly meaningful to us because it aligns with our Mission of collaborating with clients to develop creative and thoughtful customized investment management solutions. We appreciate our clients’ support and are humbled by the recognition.”

2022 Rankings were announced by Coalition Greenwich on February 23, 2023. Between February and November of 2022, Coalition Greenwich conducted interviews with 727 institutional investors from 590 of the largest tax-exempt funds in the United States. No compensation was paid by NISA in connection with obtaining or using this ranking. NISA was one of four 2022 recipients. Rankings do not represent any one client’s experience because they reflect an average of experiences of clients who chose to participate. Visit for more details, including past rankings and methodology.


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