Portfolio Management

Leadership Team

There are No Easy
Shortcuts to Success

Biswajit Bhattacharya, CFA

Director, Fixed Income

Matthew G. Byron, CFA

Director, Fixed Income

Portrait of John S Choe

John S. Choe

Director, Derivatives

Gabriel E. Crump, CFA

Director, Credit Research

Patrick R. Foley

Director, Fixed Income and Derivatives

Aaron M. Johnson, CFA

Director, Fixed Income

Carl R. Kuebler, CFA

Director, Derivatives

Kenneth L. Lester

Managing Director, Portfolio Management

Jennifer L. McCarthy, CFA

Senior Investment Officer, Equity Portfolio Management

Joseph A. Murphy, CFA

Director, Portfolio Management

Portrait of Anthony R Pope

Anthony R. Pope, CFA

Managing Director, Portfolio Management

Michael P. Vanous, CFA

Director, Equity Portfolio Management

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