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  • Senior Leadership
  • Portfolio Management
  • Department Heads
  • Client Services & Investment Strategies
Portrait photo of Nick Cangiani.

Nicholas F. Cangiani, CAIA

Chief Software Architect, Technology Solutions

David G. Eichhorn

David G. Eichhorn, CFA

Chief Executive Officer and Head of Investment Strategies

Biswajit Bhattacharya, CFA

Director, Fixed Income

Jess B. Yawitz, Ph.D.


Matthew G. Byron, CFA

Director, Fixed Income

Portrait of John S Choe

John S. Choe

Director, Derivatives

Gabriel E. Crump, CFA

Director, Credit Research

Michael R. DeNorscia

Director, Operations

Portrait Photo of Rick Dolson

Rick Dolson, CFA, CIPM

Chief Compliance Officer

Patrick R. Foley

Director, Fixed Income and Derivatives

Aaron M. Johnson, CFA

Director, Fixed Income

Mark A. Folkins, CFA, CPA

Chief Administrative Officer

Ann-Marie L. Gehring, CFA

Director, Client Services

Christopher E. Goebel, CFA

Senior Manager, Client Services

Cheryl L. Hanson, CPA

Managing Director, Client Services

James Hobbs, CFA

Senior Manager, Investment Strategies

Gregory W. Johnson, CFA, CPA

Director, Client Services

Matt D. Kaplan, CFA, FRM, CISM

Chief Risk Officer

Portrait of Elaine M Kemper

Elaine M. Kemper

Senior Manager, Client Services

Portrait photo of David Kon.

David J. Kon

Chief Data Officer, Enterprise Data

C. Robert Krebs, CFA

Director, Defined Contribution Solutions

Carl R. Kuebler, CFA

Director, Derivatives

Kenneth L. Lester

Managing Director, Portfolio Management

Derek W. Lohse

Senior Manager, Client Services

Jennifer L. McCarthy, CFA

Senior Investment Officer, Equity Portfolio Management

William P. Marshall

William P. Marshall

Director, Defined Contribution Product Strategy and Implementation

Luke Obholz, CFA

Senior Manager, Client Services

Paul Oehrlein, CFA

Senior Manager, Investment Strategies

Joseph A. Murphy, CFA

Director, Portfolio Management

Portrait of Anthony R Pope

Anthony R. Pope, CFA

Managing Director, Portfolio Management

Portrait of Richard R Ratkowski

Richard R. Ratkowski, CFA

Director, Investment Strategies

Portrait of Daniel H Riley

Daniel H. Riley, CFA

Senior Manager, Client Services

Daniel M. Rothweiler, CFA

Associate Chief Technology Officer, Technology Operations

Portrait photo of Bella Sanevich.

Bella L. F. Sanevich, Esq.

Managing Director, Corporate Governance and Legal

Portrait of Daniel A Scholz

Daniel A. Scholz, CFA

Director, Investment Strategies

Kevin D. Schuman, CFA

Director, Client Services

Kevin M. Shultz, CFA

Senior Manager, Markets and Portfolios

Portrait of Aaron W Smith

Aaron W. Smith, CFA

Director, Client Services

Michael P. Vanous, CFA

Director, Equity Portfolio Management

Portrait photo of Scott Smith.

Scott W. Smith, CFA

Chief Data Architect

Gregory J. Yess, CPA

Managing Director, Client Services and Chief Operating Officer

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