The Operations Group is made up of nine individual teams responsible for performing all middle and back office functions in support of NISA’s portfolio management and trading process. The operational teams consist of Senior Managers, Managers, Group Leaders, Technical Analysts, Senior Operations Analysts and Operations Analysts functionally aligned to perform the responsibilities of each team as outlined below:

Trade Support is responsible for the confirmation and entry of fixed income, derivative and equity trades into NISA’s portfolio accounting systems. They interact with custodians and broker-dealers to facilitate all the trade allocations and delivery instructions between parties. They are also responsible for the integrity of security master data to ensure downstream reporting is accurate.

Trade Settlement work with custodians and broker-dealers to identify and resolve trade issues in an effort to facilitate timely trade settlement. They investigate failing trades to bring them to quick resolution and report progress to the respective portfolio management group. They are also responsible for confirmation processing and ensuring all swap payments, variation margin, initial margin and collateral moves settle.

Special Projects: work with NISA’s Client Services Group, custodians, broker-dealers and clearing houses to set up new accounts for our clients. They coordinate and execute all internal and external asset transfers as well as maintain accurate client delivery instructions.

Operations Internal Consulting: work closely with NISA’s Information Technology department to streamline operations processes and applications. They are leaders in implementing new applications, upgrading existing systems and testing process improvements.

Collateral Valuation: work with NISA’s derivative trading desk and broker-dealers to reconcile initial margin, variation margin, and derivative market value. In addition, they are responsible for determining and optimizing collateral moves for these accounts. Also, they monitor legal agreements (CSA) to make sure proper haircuts and security types are being applied and used.

Account Administration: have close interaction with custodial banks to reconcile NISA’s records with the custodian’s records, and work to resolve discrepancies timely so client reporting is accurate and clean. They verify and enter all client flows into the portfolio accounting system. They prepare and reconcile portfolio performance calculations and fulfill ad hoc requests from Client Services and the respective portfolio management group.

Performance Calculation: responsible for the calculation and internal reporting of portfolio performance returns. The team also maintains the data required to claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), as well as prepare external GIPS-compliant presentations for NISA’s performance composites.

Pricing: responsible for valuing the assets held in client accounts. The team interacts with pricing vendors and custodians to value securities and instruments according to NISA’s pricing source hierarchy. Additionally, they provide various reporting to NISA’s Pricing Committee.

Corporate Actions: process all voluntary and mandatory corporate events across the firm. They work with custodians and the respective portfolio management group to elect voluntary actions, collect all entitlements, and post the actions into the NISA portfolio accounting system.

All members of the Operation Group are expected to rotate through the various teams in the department. The frequency of the rotation depends on a number of factors including the complexity of the team the are currently a part of, as well as the individual’s position and experiences.

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