About NISA

Clients & Assets

Portfolios managed by NISA are separate accounts. We do not custody assets, manage proprietary accounts or manage commingled funds.

Asset Portfolios

As of September 30, 2018, NISA manages $185 billion in assets, of which 94% are fixed income portfolios comprised mostly of U.S. Treasury and investment grade credit securities.


Derivatives Portfolios

NISA manages $129 billion notional value in separate account derivatives portfolios.


Client Types

NISA works exclusively with large institutional clients. For more details, please see our Client Types page.


The data supplied by NISA are based on trade date and calculated according to NISA’s pricing policies. NISA maintains the data only for its portfolio management, guideline verification and performance calculation purposes and the data may differ from the recordkeeper. NISA does not provide pricing, recordkeeping, brokerage or any related services. You should compare and verify the information on this report with the information on the statement from the recordkeeper. A summary of NISA’s Pricing and Valuation policy is available upon request.